Carla Fonts


A Dallas native and design enthusiast, Carla Fonts prides herself on seeing the beauty in every client’s home. “I want to make your home someplace that brings you joy, someplace you never want to leave,” Carla says when describing her ambitions taking on new projects. Carla pulls inspiration from her Cuban heritage, as well as her many summers spent in Miami, Palm Beach, and the Caribbean. When Carla founded Dunbar Road Design in 2016, she knew she wanted to bring these influences to Dallas. Her interiors speak for themselves, as they radiate her infectious personality through bright colors, eye catching pieces and gorgeously selected furnishings.

Eugenie Gallinghouse


Born in New Orleans and raised in an artistic landscape of beautiful architecture and interiors, Eugenie Gallinghouse has always had an eye for design. Eugenie arrived at Dunbar Road by way of the University of Alabama, where she graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Interior Design. Eugenie previously worked for Rivers Spencer Interiors, supporting the conceptual development for new projects by producing technical drawings and 3D renderings. Before Rivers Spencer Interiors, she gained valuable knowledge through an internship for a regional, multi-disciplinary commercial firm, LS3P. Eugenie has been with Dunbar Road since 2022, where she assists the firm's principal, Carla Fonts, from the initial design phase through project completion on various local and out-of-town projects. With a passion for anything that requires creativity and problem-solving, Eugenie's career in interior design is built on a solid foundation of advanced technical skills and challenging interior design projects.

Lexi Aitken


Originally from Canada, Lexi moved to Texas to pursue a design degree from TCU in Fort Worth. While there she had an opportunity to intern for Allison Paladino Interior Design in Palm Beach, Lori Dennis Inc. in Los Angeles, and Jessica McIntyre Interiors in Fort Worth. After graduating from TCU with a Bachelor's in interior design and architectural lighting, Lexi moved to Dallas to work in architectural lighting sales at ALA. In her role as project manager, she assisted designers, architects, and engineering firms with their high-end projects. Lexi’s experience in lighting and her exposure to three vastly different interior design firms gives her a unique point of view. With her extensive knowledge of project management and her passion for design, Lexi is excited to put her creativity and technical skills on display for her clients.

Mackenzie Patten


Mackenzie, originally from a small town in New Hampshire, pursued her design degree at Syracuse University in upstate New York. Throughout her journey, Mackenzie has always had a profound appreciation for interior design and its transformative power. She recognized early on how design has the remarkable ability to evoke emotions, create ambiance, and inspire meaningful experiences. Witnessing firsthand the impact of well-executed design on both individuals and spaces, Mackenzie saw the importance of interior design in enhancing quality of life, fostering productivity, and promoting well-being.

During her time at Syracuse University, Mackenzie delved deeper into the intricacies of design, exploring how thoughtful spatial arrangements, color schemes, and material selections can have a profound influence. After graduating cum laude with a bachelor's degree in design, Mackenzie saw Dallas as a great place to begin her interiors career. Fueled by her growing passion and expertise, she found her way to Dunbar Road, drawn by the company's reputation for captivating designs. Mackenzie cherishes the opportunity to infuse her creativity and design prowess into every client project, ensuring a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Throughout her career, Mackenzie has remained committed to harnessing the power of design to enrich lives and elevate experiences.

Madeleine Austin


Growing up in Houston, Texas under the influence of her mother, an esteemed antique dealer, Madeleine developed an early affinity for interiors and fine furniture. Her academic pursuits led her to the University of Texas, where she studied Fine Arts and Business. It was during her summer internships in her college years that Madeleine discovered her passion for creating beautiful interiors. Under the direction of Creative Tonic Design in Houston, Texas, Madeleine gained invaluable hands-on experience and solidified her love for the art of interior design. Madeleine also assisted her mother building her business, Très Bien Antiques, going on buying trips to the South of France, offering a unique perspective and appreciation for antique furniture and architectural elements. After graduating, Madeleine moved to Dallas, where she honed her skills under renowned interior designer, Jan Showers. Working on large-scale projects from conception to completion, Madeleine gained indispensable insights into home building, renovations, and the design process as a whole. Passionate about creating timeless interiors, Madeleine draws inspiration from her travels and the great architecture that surrounds her in Dallas. In her role at Dunbar Road Design, Madeleine continues to channel her creativity and expertise into crafting beautiful, abiding interiors.

Lindsey Sitton

Operations Manager

Lindsey was born and raised in Abilene, Texas. After her formative years in West Texas, she pursued a higher education at Texas A&M University, setting the stage for her professional journey. After her tenure at Texas A&M, she resided in San Antonio for four years before making Dallas her home in 2022. Lindsey has worked for several years in office operations and management, accruing valuable experience along the way. Her interests extend beyond the confines of the office, as she finds herself drawn to the dynamic world of design, where she thrives on creativity and innovation. Lindsey embraces opportunities to travel and discover new destinations. When she is not working, you can find her spending time with her family and friends, cherishing the simple joys of life. She is a proud aunt of three nieces and one nephew, who brighten her life daily. Lindsey is dedicated to assisting our clients here at Dunbar Road with their every need. Feel free to reach out to her without hesitation!

Katie Wallace

Retail Operations Manager

Katie brings a unique blend of artistry, design expertise, and managerial acumen to her role as Retail Manager at Dunbar Road. Born and raised on the plains of Kansas, Katie's journey into the design world began with a innovative trip to the Umbrian region of Italy, through her college, Kansas State University, where she immersed herself in the rich cultural tapestry of the Mediterranean. As an Art|NYC intern, Katie had unparalleled access to the prestigious collections at renowned institutions such as MoMA, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Frick Collection, and Neue Galerie New York. This opened the door to five transformative years of post-grad learning, living, and working amidst the vibrant energy of Nolita and the architectural marvels of Hudson Yards. After retail training at West Elm, Katie honed her project management skills at Meier Partners, and her customer care at Magen H Gallery, representing and delivering exquisite pieces from their collection. Katie is thrilled to join the talented team at Dunbar Road. Inspired by the studio's unwavering commitment to excellence and shared passion for art and architecture, Katie is dedicated to elevating the client experience and helping bring their design visions to life.

Margaret Collins

Sales & Marketing Associate

Margaret joined the Dunbar Road Design team in 2023 and has been involved with product merchandising and ecommerce for the boutique. Calling Dallas home since the mid-1990s, Margaret grew up on Long Island, where she first developed an appreciation for classic East Coast architecture and design. Upon her move to Texas, she was wowed by the color, scale, and layering that many regional designers—like the Dunbar Road team— do so well, bringing a modern, whimsical sensibility to traditional interiors. With degrees from the State University of New York and Harvard University, Margaret previously worked in the fields of teaching and educational software design, and she has volunteered with a variety of organizations in the Dallas area. She is a wife and mom of three grown sons, and with her family, enjoys spending summers on the Massachusetts coast.

Sofia Gillespie

Sales & Marketing Associate

Sofia is a sales and marketing associate from Tucson, Arizona, currently majoring in Psychology in Dallas, Texas. With a diverse background spanning social media, retail, restaurant, and hospitality sectors, Sofia brings a unique blend of skills. Her experience across multiple industries has refined her ability to connect with people from various backgrounds and deliver exceptional results. Sofia's enthusiasm for interior design shines through in her work, as she is dedicated to exceeding expectations for both vendors and clients alike. Driven by a desire to create meaningful connections and achieve outstanding outcomes, Sofia is committed to bring creativity and a fresh perspective to every project she undertakes.

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