Ready for Takeoff

Ready for Takeoff

When my children were young, the rhythm of daily life was tied to the school calendar. Week after week, our family’s schedule revolved around carpool, homework, sports, and sleepovers. And it wasn’t just our family; everyone I knew with kids was doing the same. We’d return to school in August reinvigorated, we were ready for a relaxing break at the Christmas holidays, and inevitably right around now – sometime in April – we would start daydreaming about summer. We were excited at the thought of taking a break, traveling, and enjoying family time on our schedule, not the school’s.

My kids have long since graduated, and that time can feel like a lifetime ago. Yet when I think about it, since starting Dunbar Road Design, my schedule is actually very similar. I’ve traded the school calendar for my work one, my clients are now my focus, and here I am again in April - daydreaming about the summer and how to slow down and recharge in the months ahead.

The months between January and April are always some of our busiest, and while the design process can be challenging, it energizes me like nothing else. Working with clients, sourcing textiles and furniture, and seeing a project come to life during the installation stage – I absolutely love all of it! But I know myself well enough to know that if I don’t shut down (figuratively speaking!), take a break and recharge, then I won’t be able to give 100% to my clients and my team. With that in mind, here’s what’s on my radar this spring: 

Lake Austin Spa: First on my calendar in May is a brief getaway not too far from home. I don’t get to spend time with my girlfriends as much as I’d like, so I can’t wait for our girls’ trip to the beautiful and relaxing Lake Austin Spa. I’ve been there a few times over the years, and it never disappoints. From the luxurious white robes to the spa services to the stunning views, I know this little oasis will be just what I need!

Italy: I’ve always dreamed of visiting Capri, and this June, it’s happening! I haven’t done a major trip in a few years, so the timing feels right. The pictures I’ve seen of Capri look amazing, and I know I’ll find inspiration everywhere. I’m planning to do lots of walking, visiting museums like the Villa San Michele, as well as exploring by boat. A glass of Prosecco on the Mediterranean – yes, please!

Staycation: In July, I plan on staying in Dallas and recharging at home. I’ll spend time at the office, but when I can sneak away early or take a Friday off, I will. Yes, it’s the hottest time of the year, but the city seems to slow down with so many people out of town, and I really enjoy the relaxed pace. I’ll celebrate the 4th of July with family, enjoying fireworks and a cookout.

And just like that, it’ll be August!  Once we hit mid-month, there’s a definite change in the air – not literally as we’ll still be way too hot here in Texas! – but the end of the summer break often means a renewed energy in the office as the team and I get back to work finalizing projects and often taking on new work too. In some ways, it feels like the start of a new school year – maybe I’m still following the school calendar after all?!

Wherever your travels take you over the next few months – whether near or far – I hope you find time to relax and recharge with family and friends!

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