Welcome to The Orange Thing!

Welcome to The Orange Thing!

I am so excited to finally welcome you to our new Dunbar Road website! This is the platform I have always wanted, complete with a store to shop and a blog to share my last ideas and inspiration.

To kick off The Orange Thing, which is a nod to my favorite color, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things that serve as sources of inspiration for me.

Slim Aarons Photography

First things first: Slim Aarons photography. More specifically, though, any poolside or beachside images. Nothing fills my basket more than time away in a warm place, and I love how he captured past eras in time with elegance and class. Here are some of my favorites!

Slim Aarons photograph of two women playing backgammon by the pool                        

Grand Cayman

By far, Grand Cayman is my favorite place to relax and get lots of sun, salt water, and Vitamin D! Not only is it stunning, but it was where I spent many a summer with my children when they were growing up.

Grand Cayman Beach

Grand Cayman ocean and beach

Restaurant at Grand Cayman

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Florida, was a very special place for me as I child and still is today! I have gone to the home many times since I was a little girl visiting my Florida family. I would study each room and run around the gardens with my sisters and brother. It was probably the beginning of my passion for design; I just didn’t know it yet!

Vizcaya museum picture 1

 Vizcaya museum picture 2

Vizcaya museum picture 1

Vizcaya museum picture 4

Stay tuned for more blog posts of all the beautiful things that inspire me, and a lot of orange! We are so happy to welcome you to our new site and online shop!


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