New Year, New Goals

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year! The calendar page has turned, and just like that it’s 2024! As magical as the holidays are here, there’s something about the start of the new year that feels fresh and full of possibility. Everyone talks about making resolutions at the new year, but I find taking time to both reflect and look ahead to be more meaningful. Setting goals - both personally and professionally - allows me to be more intentional in my daily life and helps me prioritize what’s most important. As the new year begins, here’s a little glimpse into my goals for 2024.


The older I get, the more I realize how essential my health is to every aspect of my life. From getting more sleep, to making time to exercise, to eating well - it all plays a huge part in my physical and mental well-being. If I feel well, then I know I can give 100 percent to my clients and my team. This year I’m continuing to make my health a priority. I love the outdoors so I plan to step up my walking and jogging routine with some new shoes, and I have my eye on Nike Air Max 1 in orange of course. Treating myself to new exercise gear always jump starts my routine! I love buying a few new workout clothes to make me feel fresh, and I love the brand, Alo.  Alo’s workout clothes are soft, comfortable and fit well. I love all of their colors as well.


One of my favorite aspects of my job is the personal connection I feel getting to know my clients.  By the time I finish their project, we have become good friends.  The only problem is that once I have completed it, I am often on to the next project, and I miss seeing them. I have come to realize it’s important to me to stay connected to my clients somehow, and I’m making that one of my goals for this year. I’ve also found the best way for me to decompress is by spending time with my children, family and friends.  They fuel my soul, and whether I’m spending time with my mom and sisters, taking a girls’ trip, or just watching a movie with my kids (we could rewatch “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “The Family Man over and over), it’s always time well spent. 


I make it a point to get up a little earlier and spend time in the quiet of the morning. It’s truly my only time alone until my head hits the pillow at night.  I start by reading my Jesus Calling and giving gratitude to God for all of the positives in my life. I have learned that being negative will only bring me down.  I have a lot of proverbial phrases that keep me going.  One I especially like is, “Don’t be a victim, be a warrior of your life.” I truly live by that, and by surrounding myself with positive people and things that bring me joy, I’m more aware of life’s blessings.  Many of the things I buy for the retail store speak to my soul like these turquoise butterflies (link to earrings).  Butterflies symbolize new beginnings and growth, which I feel like I am doing at all times in my life. Aren’t we all?


Finding the balance to all of the above is a constant for me.  I am not always good at it, but I find if I write it down, it might hold me to it a little better.  Discipline and Awareness are two key words for me this year to help me try to find better balance.

I close by wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year!


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